Bear Mountain Herbs
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About Us

Nestled in the beautiful Allegheny mountains of North Central Pennsylvania in a log home overlooking an active beaver pond, Helene and Stash Nawrocki work in harmony creating herbal products to help heal folks, animals and Mother Earth. Using only organically grown, heart-tended herbs, their products gently assist personal health through the phases of life.  Created in small batches, infused with heart and spirit, Bear Mountain Herbs energetically resonate with those on a healing path.

Helene and Stash have many years of professional nursing and years of herb related work and study between them.  They have spent their lives caring for and nurturing the people, animals, birds, and plants of Mother Earth.  They share their mountain home with black bear, deer, turkey, grouse, many birds and the occasional bobcat and coyote.

Providing loving energy at their sanctuary are two Springer Spaniels, Rachael and Emily and an orange tabby, PIA (beloved) kitty.

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